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50 miles of beautiful bike paths in The Villages

Hoegeye Trail

Bicycling In The Villages 

The Villages has been developed with a system of roads, multi-modal paths, golf cart/bike lanes and amenities that make an outstanding environment for bicycling. At virtually all of the recreation centers, swimming pools, country clubs, golf starter shacks and other community facilities within The Villages, cyclists will find rest rooms, water fountains, bike racks and shelters that are accessible to all residents and their guests.


The Villages map of multi-modal paths

and roads with bike/cart lanes is available

free at the sales and information centers. Maps of The Villages can also be found on Google Play and Apple App Store.  The maps show tunnels, traffic circles, golf courses, regional recreation centers, town centers and nearby external roads. Google Maps using "Bike" is also and excellent tool. Waze app has more up to date roads.

The Villages App is a free way finding recreation centers and information for mobile devices. It provides routes for either motorists or golf carts (via the multi-modal paths) to any destination within The Villages, with excellent maps. For new cyclists or anyone who wants to explore an unfamiliar area, The Villages App makes route planning easy. It is also helpful if a cyclist gets lost or disoriented and needs to find the best way “home”, since it always knows where one "is".

Useful Stuff To Know

1. Under Florida law, any bicyclist under age 16 must wear a helmet.

2. It is important to maintain a safe distance from all wildlife. Try to stay 10-15 feet away and do not feed or bother any animals. This is their natural home, and if you respect them, they will respect you.

3. Florida is the lightning capital of the United States, and Central Florida summers deliver some impressive weather shows. Most of the thunderstorms occur during the mid to late afternoon hours, so the best riding times are in the morning, when it’s still a little cooler.



The same laws that apply to motorists apply to cyclists. Obey all traffic control devices, including stopping at gates, and use hand signals to indicate stops and turns.

Always wear a properly fitting helmet.

Wear a helmet, no matter how short the trip.

Ride on the right. Always ride in the same direction as traffic. Use the furthest right lane that heads to your destination. Slower moving cyclists and motorists stay to the right.

Ride predictably. Ride in a straight line and don’t swerve in the road or between parked cars. Check for traffic before entering street or intersection. Anticipate hazards and adjust your position accordingly.

Be visible. Ride with brightly colored clothing that provides contrast. Use blinking lights or reflectors during the day and lights at night.

Legal Notice

Village  Bike Rent Llc, dba Village Bicycle  Rental (s) was founded, is owned and operated by Village Residents and Homeowners with a passion for biking. We are not affiliated with The Villages Companies, Developers or The Village Community Development District. 

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